New Update on How To Earn at Maisbom For Publishers and Normal Users

As we all know Maisbom is a credible platform in which you can earn money for very action you take like writing and publishing articles/ blog posts, liking and commenting etc, all from your comfort zone while still enjoying all the benefits of a social media platform.

This platform seeks to make things juicy for all users hence this interesting new update.

1.) Each blog post is now 150 points per post...
It is important to note that the minimum words for a blog post must be 800 except entertainment articles (which is 500 words minimum).

2.) Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $5. When you have $5, you are eligible to apply for withdrawal, this end January 1, 2023 which minimum withdrawal will be returned back to $10

3.) All publishers on maisbom will be given the $2 pro plan for free. However, non publishers (normal users) who want to earn more will pay for any of our pro packages and enjoy all the benefits of the package.

4.) All publishers can earn up to 900 points per day while non publishers can earn up to 100 points.

Publisher points per blog post is now 150 points, 2 blog posts can earn you $1.

Another interesting thing is that, all publishers posts will be published to their timeline and any user who gets 500 likes on any post that month will be getting an extra $6 on such posts. Even if you have 10 posts with such engagement, each of your post will get $6 for that month and this incredible offer ends in January 2023.

Note that, this $6 offer is only eligible to verified publishers.

5.) Referred users do not need to buy a pro package before we pay the person that referred, but our referral payment will come down to $0.10 per each referral which is approximately 50 naira.

Therefore if you refer 10 people, you will be paid $1

6.) Maisbom publishers are to undergo training for free on how to publish good blog post on Maisbom.

7. Lastly, as the quote has always been "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going, publishers will now need to undergo screening before becoming Maisbom publishers.

From the aforementioned you can see that the platform has amazing offers for both normal users and publishers.

What are you waiting for? Start to earn money from the comfort of your home today and be rest assured that you will be paid as you ought to.
Thank you for choosing mynabo.

Blog Post Earning

Making a unique plagiarism free and non copyright contents blog post is the fastest way to earn on Maisbom. You earn 150 points per every approved blog post. We will review our blog post earning in future to include CPM and Valid Clicks extra earning for our publishers.

Minimum words per each post is 800 words for non entertainment publishers while minimum words for entertainment publishers is 500 words with 1 external links. If your post is less than 800 words or have more than 1 external links, such post will not be approved.

We have every rights to approve, disapprove or banned any account that try to exploit the platform in an unlawful and illegal ways. Such as:


DMCA Take Down notice for such content

Copyrights infringements

Invalid clicks and bot traffics

For more information, don't hesitate to Contact us